Collaborative Initiatives

Culture Working Committee

Periodic meeting of journalists, art critics, art , and practitioners with bias for criticisms and historical developments around the arts. Culture Working Committee, which passes developmental ideas regularly to civil servants in charge of culture administration in the country.

Past Collaborations

We have also been collaborators on a number of other projects including –

· The BOBTV annual Film and TV Festival, Abuja, of which, starting from the 2006 edition, we became collaborators and resource facilitators for the colloquium; and

· The Lagos Comic Carnival the first edition of which we incubated in our Festival in 2004 is an idea birthed by three CORA members in collaboration with the other group of young men and women creating the silent revolution in the newly developing area of comic publications and animation (they are so enthused they’ve started referring to it as an industry) in Nigeria. This is fast becoming an international event.

· National Festival of Arts and Culture – the annual celebration of the diverse artistic and cultural expression of the peoples of Nigeria, organised by the Federal Government.

· In addition, now and then, members of CORA are encouraged to participate in other international cultural programmes with the aims of contributing our quota to the formulation of ideas as well as articulation of cultural agenda for the universe. In this instance we have networked and worked on workshops, symposiums, seminars etc with UNESCO, Commonwealth Foundation, British Council, The Goethe Institut, the Public Affairs Department of the American Embassy, The Netherlands Embassy, the Russian Embassy, the Japanese Embassy etc.

CORA Library Projects

CORA plans to establish a project under which libraries will be established in major cities of Nigeria, especially the under-served areas of the cities. The library is where we would articulate all our ideas about the imperatives of reading, book, and literature for national development.

This is why we support Book Clubs as part of the extension service outposts in dissemination of the ideas in books. We however take the view that libraries and book clubs should go beyond the upper middle class clientele. 

We are focusing on Lagos at the moment because the city habours 10% of the Nigerian population.

If Lagos is 15million as estimated, then having 15 well equipped, adequately staffed community libraries with community related activities along readership campaign in Lagos for a start is a much cheaper way to obliterate the ignorance of our people.