Art & Cultural Foundation

Over 30 Years of Culture Landscaping

The MISSION is to create an enabling environment for the flourishing of the contemporary arts of Nigeria and to increase human capacity of the continent.

Our VISION is to make Culture the Prime Investment Destination for the Country and the Continent.

CORA is Nigeria's foremost cultural advocacy platform, with a robust history of three decades of active work supporting and stimulating the growth of the country's culture sector.


CORA has provided a platform over the years for many activities, of which the following have been prominent on the organization's roster of programmes.

A Large Community

CORA has organically evolved over time to become the largest community of artists and art enthusiasts united in the common belief in the viability of the arts as a tool for personal and communal development, for nation building and as a valuable lens through which we engage with our common humanity.


Founded on June 2, 1991 by Toyin Akinosho, Yomi Layinka, Josey Ogbuanoh, Tunde Lanipekun and Chika Okeke-Agulu, and is involved in the organization of various events and activities which support cultural expression and contemporary art. CORA mainly focuses on Nigeria, but meets with a wide response in the rest of the African continent as well. The organization pays attention to several cultural expressions, like literature, theatre, cabaret, films, television programs and music.