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Amb. Segun Olusola: The Value Of Thrift And Fellow Feeling

Posted by Samuel Osaze on June 23, 2012 at 4:50 PM

The Committee For Relevant Art (CORA)commiserates with the family of Elder Artist, Chief Segun Olusola, creator of the legendary TV series Village Headmaster and mentor of a huge cast of culture producers.


Chief Olusola was a patron of CORA, was an enthusiastic participant in most of our programmes and chaired the very first meeting of our Board of Trustees and Governors. His presence in those events gave them gravitas.

 The committee understands the grief that both the family and the community of artists are going through. We share the feeling of loss and mourn the passing away of a true icon of contemporary arts of Nigeria, a man who was a diplomat in the truest sense of the word, who could spontaneously ingratiate himself into the rituals of art practice and in the next breadth fit into the community of those who walk the corridors of power.

 Village Headmaster, the gift he gave Nigeria, started the country on the path of TV drama series, which evolved into television soap operas, which, both in themselves and with other efforts in filmmaking, helped to shape the Nollywood tradition.

As young beneficiaries of the wisdom of this great contributor to the artistic progress and the discourses around our national well being, we should ordinarily affirm that his death, like that of any African elder who has run a good race, is an occasion for celebrating his life and legacies. We do. But Chief Olusola’s death also allows us to reflect on the role of models and the need for inspiring leadership in a nation adrift with corruption and shackled by violence and insecurity. The Ambassador of peace was a man whose overriding ethos was reconciliation of extreme views. He lived a life which, in its telling, highlights the value of thrift and fellow feeling and the finer points of family values. He is resting in peace.



Toyin Akinosho


Secretary General

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